June 26, 2024

Winning on Wednesday Business Networking 

BY Marc Mathys
🌟 Exciting Update! 🌟
I had the incredible opportunity to chat once again with Marc Mathys, the visionary founder of Reset It, hailing from Montreal, Canada. 🍁
🧠 In our enlightening discussion, Marc shared how Reset It is revolutionizing the way we tackle unwanted thoughts and behaviors.
By addressing deeply ingrained programming from family and societal conditioning, his company offers simple yet powerful methods to foster meaningful change in our lives.
🌌 Diving into the fascinating world of quantum energy, Marc explained how our thoughts and intentions shape our reality.
He illustrated this with compelling examples like Dr. Emoto’s rice experiment, which vividly shows the impact of positive vs. negative words on physical matter.
💡 Moreover, Marc delved into the concept of cellular memory, revealing how our past experiences can trigger physical and emotional reactions—reactions that we can “reset” to enhance our well-being.
🌱 Highlighting the transformative effects of the Reset It program, he stressed the importance of being present and free from past conditioning to attract positive outcomes. This approach ensures that each individual makes choices that are truly their own, unswayed by external biases.
📈 As Reset It continues to grow, Marc remains committed to building a legacy that perpetuates the benefits of his teachings.
He warmly invites everyone to learn more about their groundbreaking approach and even offers a free consultation to kickstart your journey toward personal and professional growth.
🔗 Explore more about Reset It and how you can begin resetting your mindset for a brighter future. Visit
Join us in embracing a life unburdened by past conditioning. It’s time to reset and refresh! 💫





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Hello I’m Marc the creator of the Reset-it program and a TedX speaker.


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