May 23, 2024

Unraveling Time: How We’re Programmed and Conditioned by the Clock

BY Marc Mathys
In our fast-paced world, time dictates nearly every aspect of our lives. From the moment we wake up to the minute we drift off to sleep, our actions are often choreographed by the ticking hands of the clock. But have you ever stopped to wonder how this relationship with time came to be? 
Let’s dive into how we are programmed and conditioned about time.
The Early Years: Learning the Rhythm
From a young age, we are introduced to the concept of time. Parents set schedules for feeding, napping, and playtime. As we grow, school bells structure our day into neat segments of learning and breaks. This early exposure establishes a rhythm that becomes deeply embedded in our psyche. 
Cultural Conditioning
Different cultures perceive time in various ways. Western societies often view time linearly, emphasizing punctuality and efficiency. In contrast, many Eastern cultures see time as more fluid, valuing relationships and experiences over strict schedules. These cultural norms shape our understanding and behavior towards time, influencing everything from work habits to social interactions.
Technology The Modern Timekeeper
With the advent of technology, our relationship with time has become even more intricate. Smartphones, calendars, and reminders ensure we stay on track, but they also create a constant sense of urgency. Notifications and deadlines keep us in a perpetual state of alertness, often leading to stress and burnout.
The 9-to-5 Paradigm a Legacy of the Industrial Age
The standard workday is a relic of the Industrial Revolution, designed to maximize productivity in factories. Despite the shift to knowledge-based economies, the 9-to-5 schedule persists, conditioning us to view time in terms of work hours. This paradigm can stifle creativity and limit flexibility, yet it continues to dominate our professional lives. 
Time as a Personal Construct
Ultimately, time is a construct that we have the power to reset-it.By understanding how we are programmed and conditioned by time, we can take steps to create a more balanced and fulfilling relationship with it. 
Remember, time is not just a measure of moments passed, but an opportunity to live each moment to the fullest.





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