May 9, 2024

Understanding the Science Behind Reset-it

BY Marc Mathys
The Reset-it program is fundamentally rooted in neuroscience and quantum physics, two scientific areas that provide extensive insight into human behavior, thought patterns, and potential for change. 
Neuroscience and the Power of Reset: 
Neuroplasticity, a fundamental concept in neuroscience, is the brain’s ability to reorganize and form new neural connections throughout life. This concept is the foundational science behind the Reset phase of the program. By changing our thoughts, behaviors, and experiences, we can rewire our brains to let go of old, unhelpful patterns and adopt new, beneficial ones. This process of resetting is essential for personal growth and evolution. 
Quantum Physics and the Art of Reowning: 
Quantum physics, with its theory of quantum superposition, suggests that a particle exists in all states at once until observed or measured. Applying this principle to our lives, we see that our potential is limitless until we decide to confine it. In the Reown phase, taking responsibility for our actions is akin to making an observation or measurement. We consciously choose our state, our path, and our future, thereby taking control of our personal evolution. 
Restarting with a Fresh Perspective: 
The Restart phase of the program harnesses both neuroscience and quantum physics. It involves employing the neuroplasticity of our brains to establish new habits and behaviors and using the principles of quantum physics to consciously choose our path forward. 
In essence, the Reset-it program integrates the principles of neuroscience and quantum physics to guide individuals through a transformative process, empowering them to shed their old selves, take responsibility for their lives, and embark on fresh, meaningful journeys towards personal evolution and progress.
Incorporating the principles of the Reset-it program through  your daily life is a transformative journey. It’s about making each decision with awareness, continuously learning and adapting, being fully present in each moment, and embracing change with a mindful perspective. 
As you begin to live each day with this heightened awareness and intentionality, you’ll observe a shift within yourself – a shift towards more control, resilience, and personal evolution. 
The Reset-it program is not just about change; it’s about meaningful and sustainable transformation. It’s about redefining your relationship with yourself and the world around you. It’s about living each day to its fullest potential, understanding that each moment presents an opportunity to reset, reown, and restart. So, embark on this journey today, and witness the profound impact on your path to personal evolution.



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