This week, I say thank you to Marc Mathys.

5 June 2022




For your availability, for sharing your magic with me and for listening to me.

He came into my life at a time when things weren’t going very well.

He chose me as a client, trusted me and supported me in what I was going through.

I have long suffered from an anxiety disorder.

Moreover, the ”present moment”, living it in all its meaning, I had never known what was.

In my life, I have always lived in the past or the future.

Since Marc came into my life, I have never had an anxiety attack again.

I am able to live in my present moment and have let go of big judgments about myself.

I now feel solid, free and in control of myself.

I will forever be grateful.

If you don’t know him yet, I strongly suggest you contact him.

You will see his greatness of soul, guaranteed.

Marie-Chantal Perron



Post by Marc Mathys

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