May 11, 2024

The Quantum Energy We Attract: Programming and Conditioning Versus The State of Presence

BY Marc Mathys
In the grand scheme of life, we’re far more than just physical beings wandering aimlessly in a vast universe. We are, at our core, bundles of energy intricately interconnected with the quantum field that envelops everything that exists. 
Our energy, or vibration, is influenced by two key factors: our mental programming and conditioning, and our state of presence. 
Programming and Conditioning: 
The Energy of the Default Mode From our early years, we are shaped and moulded by our environment. This includes the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that we learn from our parents, teachers, and society at large. This is what we refer to as our ‘programming and conditioning’. Our habitual thoughts and emotions, most of which are subconscious, are primarily products of this programming. 
This conditioning often sets our default energy frequency. If we’ve been conditioned to view life negatively, for instance, we may attract similar energy from the quantum field, manifesting in forms of challenges, conflicts, and hardships.However, relying solely on this conditioning confines us to a limited spectrum of possibilities. 
The Energy of Conscious Creation 
The state of presence, the ability to be fully conscious and aware in the moment, is a powerful way to attract energy. When we’re present, we shed the layers of conditioning and tap into an infinite reservoir of possibilities within the quantum field. In a state of presence, we are no longer bound by the constraints of past programming. 
We can consciously choose our thoughts and emotions, setting our energy frequency deliberately. This conscious creation allows us to attract experiences that align with our true desires and highest good. In the realm of quantum physics, this is often referred to as the observer effect, where the act of observation influences the nature of what’s being observed. Thus, our conscious attention, when rooted in the present moment, can shape our reality in profound ways.
Our interaction with the quantum field, the energy we attract, is a dynamic interplay of our programming and conditioning, and our state of presence. While the former can sometimes limit us to repeated patterns, the latter opens us up to unlimited potential. 
By consciously choosing our state of being in the present moment, we can effectively change our energy frequency and, consequently, the experiences we attract. 
This is not only a journey of self-discovery but also a path to creating our desired reality.





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