April 21, 2024

Red pill or Blue pill

BY Marc Mathys
The concept of the red pill and blue pill originates from the 1999 sci-fi film The Matrix. In a pivotal scene, the protagonist Neo is given a choice between a red pill, representing an acceptance of the truth, no matter how harsh, and a blue pill, representing blissful ignorance, continuing to live in a comfortable illusion.

The Reset-it program can be seen as the metaphorical ‘red pill’ of personal development. Just as Neo chose the red pill to awaken to the reality and unlock his potential in The Matrix, individuals choosing Reset-it are effectively ‘taking the red pill.’ They’re committing to a transformative journey that’s not always easy, but ultimately liberating.

The three phases of Reset-it—Reset, Reown, and Restart—reflect this journey.

‘Reset’ aligns with the initial awakening that comes after taking the red pill. Much like Neo had to unlearn what he thought was reality, Reset-it participants begin by clearing mental clutter, discarding outdated beliefs, and breaking free from negative thought patterns.

‘Reown’ embodies the acceptance and ownership of this newfound reality. In The Matrix, Neo learns to control his environment as he understands its true nature. Similarly, Reset-it encourages individuals to seize control of their lives, choices, and actions, fostering a sense of authenticity and self-empowerment.

Finally, ‘Restart’ symbolizes the rebirth or transformation that occurs after fully embracing the truth. As Neo becomes a powerful force within The Matrix, Reset-it participants, too, can infuse their lives with renewed energy, rekindled passion, and unwavering positivity.

In summary, choosing Reset-it is like choosing the red pill—it’s a decision to face reality head-on, embrace personal growth, and ignite a radical shift in life, fueled by the principles of neuroscience and quantum physics.



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