May 10, 2024

My Journey to Presence: Freeing Myself from Conditioning and Beliefs

BY Marc Mathys
Growing up, I was shaped by a myriad of experiences, societal norms, and personal expectations. Like a sponge, my mind absorbed and held onto thoughts, patterns, and beliefs without question. However, my encounter with the concept of ‘presence’ changed everything, leading me to a path of mindfulness and self-discovery that freed me from the shackles of my conditioning and beliefs. 
The Awakening My journey began when I stumbled upon the concept of ‘presence.’ It referred to being completely in the present moment, fully aware and engaged without distractions or preconceived notions. This state was about seeing reality as it was, not tainted by past experiences or clouded by future anxieties. It sounded simple, but for me, it was revolutionary.
 Recognizing the Programming I started to realize how my mind, incredibly adaptive, had been molded by experiences and societal structures. My beliefs, heavily influenced by cultural, societal, and personal expectations, along with my conditioning – learned responses to stimuli based on past encounters, were dictating my thoughts, actions, and perception of reality. Some of it was helpful, but much of it limited my perspective and hindered my ability to adapt to new situations. 
The Liberation Entering the state of presence was like stepping into a quiet room after being in a noisy crowd. I could clearly observe my thoughts and feelings without judgment or interference from my conditioned responses. The reality of the moment started to become distinct from the narrative created by my ingrained beliefs and conditioning. In those quiet moments of presence, I saw my conditioning and beliefs for what they truly were – not absolute realities, but learned responses and assumptions. I learned I could question and change them. 
The Journey Continues This process wasn’t about completely discarding my past experiences or beliefs; it was about understanding their influence and consciously choosing what served me in the present moment. Being in the state of presence has become my sanctuary, offering me an escape from the constant chatter of my mind. It’s a space where I can experience life unfiltered by preconceived notions and beliefs. 
My journey to presence has been a voyage of self-discovery. It has challenged me to question what I have been taught to believe and encouraged me to form my own understanding. I’ve come to realize that I am not merely a product of my programming but a conscious being capable of change and growth. 
By embracing the state of presence, I have started to liberate myself from limiting beliefs and conditioning, opening up a world of possibilities where I can live fully in the moment, fully engaged, fully aware, and fully alive. This journey continues, and each moment of presence brings new understanding, peace, and freedom.





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May 10, 2024
The State of Presence: Liberation from Programming, Conditioning, and Beliefs