October 10, 2023

Margaret who had been diagnosed with dementia

BY Marc Mathys

Margaret who had been diagnosed with dementia. She had always been a very active and independent person, but as her cognitive function declined, she began to struggle with everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning.
One day, Margaret’s daughter Sarah came to visit her and noticed that she seemed particularly agitated. Margaret was pacing around the room and seemed unable to focus on anything for very long. 
Sarah tried to talk to her mother and calm her down, but nothing seemed to work.
Sarah had followed the Reset-it program, and she was convinced that its benefits might be of value to her mother, who was suffering from dementia. She suggested trying an exercise with her one that focused on their breathing and staying present in each moment.
To Sarah’s surprise, Margaret seemed to respond very positively to the exercise. She became more calm and focused, and even seemed to be able to remember some things more clearly. Over the next few weeks, Sarah and Margaret continued to practice theses exercises together, and Sarah noticed that her mother’s mood and cognitive function seemed to be improving.
While Margaret’s dementia could not be cured, the simple act of living in the present moment and practicing these exercises had a positive impact on her quality of life.
Sarah was grateful for this small but meaningful way to connect with her mother and help her feel more at ease in her daily life.



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