Limiting Beliefs That Hold Us Back

24 August 2022




The Ultimate List of 101 Limiting Beliefs That Hold Us Back

Money is a temptation from evil.
Having too much money can be a bad thing.
If I have money to spend, I might want to take up drugs or alcohol.
I have to work to get a salary that is barely enough to sustain me.
Money is only for paying bills.
Having money means people will be out to get me.
I have to have money because I can get into an accident anytime.
Money is only for spending.
I will never have as much money as I want.
I will never save enough to go on a vacation.
Money sustains my survival, so I have to HAVE it.
You only live once, spend money today.
You only live once, sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.
Money is hard to get by.
I will only earn money if I work myself to the bones.
If I want more money, it shows that I am greedy.
Money is not important at all.
If I think about money, I am neglecting my spiritual growth.
I can get a lot of money just from sheer luck or hopes.
I am not good at managing money.
I am not destined to have a lot of money.

Post by Marc Mathys

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