Limiting Beliefs about Work

24 August 2022




The Ultimate List of 101 Limiting Beliefs That Hold Us Back

Limiting Beliefs about Work

Work is a modern form of slavery.
I will not settle for anything less than my dream job.
I will never get my dream job.
What I do is too hard.
Work takes up too much of my time.
If I enjoy my job, it is not work.
If I do not enjoy my work, I am doing it right.
It forces me to do things I do not want to do, such as wake up too early in the morning and commute.
I am not happy at my current job.
All the good-paying and jobs worth doing are all taken.
The economy is doing so bad I probably will not get any jobs these days anyway.
I do not have the right requirements for the job, so what is the point?
I am in the wrong job or profession.
Why am I doing this job anyway?

The job position was probably already taken before the interview even started.
All my colleagues are out to get me.
Everyone here is better than me.
I wish I could do less for more money.
I could have just stayed home and lazed about.
I do not have time for any social life.

Post by Marc Mathys

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