Limiting Beliefs About Health

24 August 2022




The Ultimate List of 101 Limiting Beliefs That Hold Us Back

Limiting Beliefs About Health

To get good health means spending a lot of money.
It is too difficult to change my lifestyle.
There is no time to think about my health.
I don’t want to invest in a gym membership I will not use anyway.
I will never lose as much weight as I would like.
It’s too much hard work.
Healthy food tastes horrid.
I don’t feel like I can follow through on any health plan.
I cannot afford a personal trainer.
People will make fun of me, call me a health nut.
I really don’t know what healthy means.

I am as healthy as I can be and do not need to make any changes.
It is too complicated to keep track of health monitors
I do not have the energy to exercise.
I do not want to wake up earlier than I usually do.
I love sugar and carbs too much.
I am surrounded by unhealthy food.
I do not want to sweat.
‘Healthy’ is not for me.
Energy drinks and giving up meat is enough.

Post by Marc Mathys

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