October 10, 2023

Letting go for personal growth and freedom

BY Marc Mathys
Many individuals tend to cling to situations and circumstances that are beyond their control. The underlying reason behind this behavior is that we often struggle to accept that we cannot change things that do not belong to us.
Allow me to elaborate.
From a young age, we are molded to think and behave in specific ways, shaping our actions based on societal expectations and conditioning. Consequently, we find ourselves holding onto things involuntarily, as if we have no alternative.
Deeply ingrained in our minds are illusions of control. We fall into the misconception that if we can just attain the perfect material possessions and ideal circumstances, happiness will naturally follow.
These patterns become so deeply ingrained within us that we hold onto things unconsciously, unaware of their presence in our lives. Moreover, we hesitate to introspect and reflect upon ourselves, fearing that we might discover aspects we dislike.
What we fail to recognize is that clinging onto the past inhibits our personal growth and ability to make choices freely.
Sometimes, we hold onto things because we believe it is necessary for our survival. However, it’s important to remember that resetting one’s mindset does not require physical detachment. Resetting is the process of relinquishing our mental and emotional fixation on something. It enables us to live our lives unencumbered by emotional attachments, even if the physical aspects have already departed.
In reality, the only aspect we truly have control over is ourselves. However, we tend to exert control over others while neglecting our own agency.
So, why should we learn the Reset-it program? There are various reasons to consider, such as freedom, improved relationships, and continuous personal growth.
With Reset-it, we liberate ourselves from the sources of pain and suffering that hold us back. Healthy relationships, for example, thrive on the mutual freedom to be one’s authentic self. Mastering the art of letting go attracts healthier individuals into our lives.
When we release the unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and actions that no longer serve us, our self-esteem and confidence flourish. Recognizing that letting go of what was never really “us” empowers us to embrace healthier alternatives.
Reset-it teaches us how to let go of the unwanted aspects in our lives, empowering us to intentionally choose what we truly desire.



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Hello I’m Marc the creator of the Reset-it program and a TedX speaker.


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