April 22, 2024

Laura Rohde Reset-it story

BY Marc Mathys
From loneliness to living in the light through Reset-it.
Loneliness is such an interesting thing. People often make the false assumption that loneliness rears its head only when we are alone.
I think a harder thing to tease apart is the loneliness that is felt when we are with others, often those we hold most dear, and we feel the dark veil of loneliness cover us like a shroud.
I am the last person that you would ever guess felt alone. Those are the ones to look out for, the ones that hide in plain view. I learned to act like I was the life of the party, the funny, light-hearted, silly one.
That way no one would suspect that I had any needs. If I showed my needs I was confident they would not be met. I floated through life making everyone think that I didn’t care about much and most passed me off as flighty, superficial, scattered and really not going far in life.
I desperately wanted to connect,belong, be a part of, be needed, seen, heard, loved, and cherished. Loneliness is real. It can be all encompassing. Look around you. Often the loudest person in the room, the ones that smiles the most, laughs easily, or walks around making sure all the drinks are poured and the plates are filled and the music is just right is caring for you in the way they wish others would care for them.
We miss them when they leave the room but we forget them when they are there. I call them the Visible, invisibles. We don’t see them because we are so taken in by their easy way of making others feel right at home.
Don’t be fooled. They are often the ones wishing you would provide a safe place to land for them but instead of asking for that, they provide it for everyone else, wishing someone would one day say, “How are you? Come sit beside me and tell me your story.” Rather, they are the ones that ask you, What is YOUR story? And they listen with their whole heart, eyes and ears wide open, hoping one day, someone will do the same for them.
As a therapist and coach, I have taught clients coping tools for years that worked, to a point. Recently, I learned about this program called Reset-it and It has been transformational. In just two 90-minute sessions
I learned how to lay down my old programs and conditioning and to live in the present moment. I decided during my first session that I had to get specialized in this method so that I could bring it to others.
I simply couldn’t NOT do it. It was too powerful to keep to myself. Today, I am a certified Reset-it specialist and I know how to be fully present, no longer invisible to myself, or others. This quick, easy method will change your life, forever.
Laura Rohde
Certified Reset-it specialist



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