April 27, 2024

Joel’s Journey: From Traditional Therapy to the Transformational Reset-it Program

BY Marc Mathys
As a former counselor and life coach, my journey has been filled with various therapeutic modalities like #Counseling, #NLP, #EMDR, trauma-focused methods, and more. 
These traditional methods, while effective in their own right, often required clients to delve deep into their traumas and difficulties. This could, unfortunately, lead to emotional triggers, projection, transference, and even co-dependency. 
The process took time, often a minimum of 6 sessions, and provided only temporary relief. But today, I am thrilled to announce that there is an alternative path! 
My personal journey with ADHD has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Working as a therapist with trauma victims, I found emotional regulation to be a significant challenge. Despite utilizing various techniques – from trauma-informed approaches, counseling, EMDR, NLP, to alternative methods like energy healing and breathwork – the emotional impact of others continued to be an obstacle. 
That was until I met Marc and was introduced to the Reset-it program. This program proved to be a game-changer! No longer am I swayed by the emotions of others, and my emotional regulation has improved substantially. The irrational mind no longer dominates; I now take full control of my life and decisions. 
This transformation has been so inspiring that I am now a Certified Reset-it Specialist! I exclusively use this modality with my clients now, and the results have been extraordinary. Words cannot express what it feels like to live in a state of presence daily. 
The Reset-it program, a non-invasive and non-triggering technique, can bring about profound shifts in the shortest possible time, often within one session! It focuses on resetting the neurological pathways to a state of balance and harmony. Instead of delving deep into the trauma narratives, which can lead to emotional triggers and dependency, 
Reset-it shifts the focus to the present, creating a safe space for healing. This transformation is not temporary. It is a permanent shift that equips individuals with the tools they need to manage their emotional states and create lasting change.
 The changes I have witnessed in my clients’ lives are beyond anything I could have ever imagined.



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Hello I’m Marc the creator of the Reset-it program and a TedX speaker.


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