Jenny had always been a calm and collected person

31 May 2023




Jenny had always been a calm and collected person, but lately she found herself getting angry over the smallest things. Whether it was a traffic jam on her way to work or a co-worker forgetting to return her stapler, Jenny’s frustration would quickly turn to rage.

She tried to brush it off as just a bad mood, but the anger kept coming back. It wasn’t until she stumbled upon an advertisement for a program called Reset-it that she realized she needed help.

The program promised to teach her how to reset herself in just 90 minutes, and Jenny was intrigued. She signed up for the program and went in with an open mind.

As she listened to the certified teacher explaining how anger can be triggered by both internal and external factors, such as frustration, disappointment, fear, and stress, Jenny felt like they were describing her life.
She realized that her anger was a result of all the stress and pressure she had been putting on herself.

Through the program, Jenny learned how to identify and Reset her emotions, and how to respond to stress in a healthy way. She also discovered that her anger was a learned behavior, as she had grown up in a household where her parents would often argue and yell at each other.

By the end of the program, Jenny felt like a new person. She was able to let go of her anger and frustration, and she felt more in control of her life. She was grateful for the Reset-it program and the certified teachers who had helped her achieve true freedom and unlock a new level of clarity in her life.

Post by Marc Mathys

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