Unraveling Mental Health: The Significant Influence of Programming, Conditioning, and Beliefs

Mental health, a crucial aspect of our overall well-being, is more than just the absence of mental disorders. It’s a complex interplay of various factors, including our unique programming, conditioning, and beliefs. Understanding these connections is key to promoting mental health awareness and fostering healthier minds.  Mental Programming and Its Impact on our Mental Health  […]

Unearthing the Boundaries: An Insight into our Programming, Conditioning, and Beliefs

Boundaries are an integral part of our lives, playing a crucial role in shaping our relationships, behavior, and overall mental health. However, these boundaries are not just random walls we build but are often a reflection of our programming, conditioning, and beliefs.  In this blog post, we’ll explore how our upbringing, societal norms, and personal […]

The Mind’s Marathon: 50,000 Thoughts and Countless Images Every Day

The human mind is a wonder of nature, an intricate network of neurons that works tirelessly to process, analyze, and interpret the world around us.  One widely cited statistic suggests we have approximately 50,000 thoughts per day—a testament to the relentless activity of our mind.  Equally astonishing is the number of images our eyes absorb […]

Looking to take control of your life and shape your identity on your own terms?

If you’re looking to take charge of your life and define your identity according to your own rules, consider resetting your ingrained conditioning and programming to align with your genuine values and aspirations. This process involves introspection, self-awareness, and purposeful living, allowing you to understand and adjust your programming in a way that enables conscious […]

Struggling with money problems?

Having trouble with financial woes? It’s common to cling to the idea that having more cash or the right situation would make us content. However, the reality is that our deeply rooted beliefs and attitudes towards money often trap us in stress and worry cycles. This is where Reset-it steps in. By detaching our emotions […]

Claude, who had struggled with his weight for years

For years, I, Claude, grappled with a persistent weight issue. I experimented with every diet and workout regime imaginable, yet nothing seemed to make a difference.  Then, a friend who had successfully used the Reset-it program introduced me to it. He had managed to transform his life by reshaping his ingrained habits. Though doubtful, I […]

Jenny had always been a calm and collected person

Jenny had always been a calm and collected person, but lately she found herself getting angry over the smallest things. Whether it was a traffic jam on her way to work or a co-worker forgetting to return her stapler, Jenny’s frustration would quickly turn to rage. She tried to brush it off as just a […]


Kim heard about the Reset-it program from a friend who had gone through the program and had amazing results.Her friend had been struggling with anxiety and depression for a long time and had tried different therapies and treatments with little success.But after completing the Reset-it program, her friend felt like a new person. She was […]