The State of Presence: Liberation from Programming, Conditioning, and Beliefs

Our minds are constantly filled with thoughts, patterns, beliefs, and conditionings that have been ingrained in us over time – some through personal experiences, others through societal norms and expectations. Yet, the state of presence, often hailed as a gateway to genuine mindfulness and self-discovery, signifies an absence of these programmed responses. In this blog […]

The Fascinating Journey of Food Perception: From Sight to Brain

Have you ever wondered what happens in our brains when we see food? It’s not as simple as see-food-eat-food. There’s a complex and fascinating series of reactions taking place in our brains that begins the moment our eyes take in the sight of food. Here’s a closer look at this intricate procedure.  **1. Visual Processing: […]

Joel’s Journey: From Traditional Therapy to the Transformational Reset-it Program

As a former counselor and life coach, my journey has been filled with various therapeutic modalities like #Counseling, #NLP, #EMDR, trauma-focused methods, and more.  These traditional methods, while effective in their own right, often required clients to delve deep into their traumas and difficulties. This could, unfortunately, lead to emotional triggers, projection, transference, and even […]

The Transformational Power of Reset-It: A Personal Journey to Contentment

A year ago, my life was drastically different. Today, as I reflect on this past year, I am struck by the profound changes that have transpired, all thanks to a process I’ve discovered called “Reset-It.”  Before I embraced the Reset-It process, my days were mired in stress and anxiety. The burdens of everyday life weighed […]

Discovering Marc Mathys: A Testimonial to Transformation

In the journey of life, we often cross paths with individuals whose presence illuminates our way forward. These encounters, unexpected yet magical, guide us towards our goals and dreams.  Today, I am thrilled to introduce a soul who embodies this magic – the humble, genuine, and extraordinary Marc Mathys. Who is Marc Mathys? You may […]

Red pill or Blue pill

The concept of the red pill and blue pill originates from the 1999 sci-fi film The Matrix. In a pivotal scene, the protagonist Neo is given a choice between a red pill, representing an acceptance of the truth, no matter how harsh, and a blue pill, representing blissful ignorance, continuing to live in a comfortable […]

Margaret who had been diagnosed with dementia

Margaret who had been diagnosed with dementia. She had always been a very active and independent person, but as her cognitive function declined, she began to struggle with everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning.One day, Margaret’s daughter Sarah came to visit her and noticed that she seemed particularly agitated. Margaret was pacing around the room […]