Why Your Company Needs the Reset-it Program: A Journey Towards Organizational Growth and Transformation

In today’s competitive business environment, organizational growth often requires more than just a robust business strategy. It asks for a deep-seated commitment to personal and collective transformation, which is where the Reset-it program comes in.This program offers a structured, cost-effective approach to fostering change, growth, and progress within your organization.  Why Invest in the Reset-it […]

The Intricate Web of Advice: Reflections on Our Programming and Conditioning

In the vast realm of human interaction, the act of giving and receiving advice is as commonplace as the air we breathe. Often, without us even realizing it, our advice to others becomes a reflection of our own experiences, beliefs, and conditioning.  This blog post delves into the intriguing concept of how our advice is […]

Neuroscience, Mind, and the Reset-it Program: A Journey Towards Personal Evolution

Neuroscience, a multidisciplinary branch of biology, plays a pivotal role in our understanding of the mind. With an array of scientific research methods, it explores the structure and function of the neural system.  The ultimate aim is to unravel the mysteries of the human mind, guiding us to a better understanding of our consciousness and […]

The Swift, Simple, and Affordable Path to Personal Transformation with Reset-It

In the realm of personal development, there are several programs available, each promising transformative results. However, few can compare to the speed, simplicity, and affordability of the Reset-It program. This unique program, designed to facilitate personal growth and emotional healing, is built around three powerful components: Reset, Reown, and Restart. **Reset: Let Go of the […]

Laura Rohde Reset-it story

From loneliness to living in the light through Reset-it. Loneliness is such an interesting thing. People often make the false assumption that loneliness rears its head only when we are alone. I think a harder thing to tease apart is the loneliness that is felt when we are with others, often those we hold most […]

Cutting Through the Noise: A Reset-It Approach to the Self-Help Industry

Feeling overwhelmed by the self-help industry? Trust us, you’re not alone. The self-help sector, with its vast array of books, workshops, and online courses, generates billions of dollars each year.  However, amidst this ocean of resources, it’s easy for individuals seeking help to feel lost or even misled. While some materials in the self-help industry […]

Enhancing Your Relationship with the Power of Reset-It

Do you often find yourself and your partner entangled in the same patterns, unable to progress? Are you holding onto things that are causing pain and stunting growth in your relationship? If you’re nodding in agreement, you’re not alone.  From childhood, we are conditioned to behave and think in certain ways, and these ingrained patterns […]

Unshackling Ourselves: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs About Money

Many of us hold limiting beliefs about money that can hinder our financial growth and overall well-being. These beliefs, often ingrained since childhood or absorbed from societal perceptions, can create barriers to prosperity. Here’s a closer look at some common limiting beliefs about money and ways to challenge them:  1. “Money is a temptation from […]

Unravelling the Limiting Beliefs About Health

Every journey towards wellbeing begins with a single step, but often, self-imposed limiting beliefs about health may hinder the process. While these beliefs might seem subtle, they can significantly impact our health goals.  Here’s a closer look at some common health-related misconceptions and ways to overcome them.  1. **”To get good health means spending a […]