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Tracey OHara

Certified Reset-It Specialist

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Halla Mayhew
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I am so grateful to have found Tracey’s Reset-it Program. I had hit a wall in my journey of healing past trauma in my life. After years of traditional therapy, I still found myself playing out past traumas in my head, it had become a vicious cycle I could not stop. I had a stark realization that I could talk about my trauma without emotion, but I was still hurting and reacting to pain. After the first session, I had an entirely different outlook on trauma and my thought process. I was able to recognize my patterns of attachments, programs, and limited beliefs.I recognized how these beliefs had become insidious in my day to day life, in my thinking and decision making. As I stopped and incorporated this new way of looking at my past and current life, I was able to quickly stop the chatter in my head, find grace for myself, and fell in love with my Self for the first time I remember as an adult. The process is quick and it works! My mind is quiet, I am free, and I have the tools I need to Reset-it anytime I need.

Christine Mank
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I did the Reset-it method with Tracey and can highly recommend it. It’s easy and effective. As a master perfectionist and overthinker I was skeptical about the simplicity of the tool at first. But that things need to be complicated and hard was also a program I needed to unlearn. Having Reset-it in my toolbox now, gives me immediate peace of mind and direction. I am so much more aware of my programming and beliefs. Tracey was very responsive when I had questions in between sessions and has been a guide of my personal journey ever since! Thank you Tracey,