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Joel White

Certified Reset-It Specialist

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Two 90 minutes sessions

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Two 60 minutes sessions

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I had three 90 minute Reset-it sessions with Joel White over the past six weeks and I have to say the effects and results of these sessions have truly helped me a great deal and have even been life-changing for me. Joel was very professional and he took me through some practical step-by-step processes that I can continue to follow as and when I need them, so they will be an extra tool I can use for life. The process involved some very simple, yet very effective techniques that gave me the ability to come back to myself and to a state of calm presence, even during times of mental and emotional stress on triggers that I might normally find very difficult to return to rest from. This helped me gain a great amount of control over myself, my emotions and my own state of mind and it doesn’t only work for triggers that I have accumulated from past situations, but also on fears I have relating to future events. It can be used for anything and I have taken a valuable technique away with me that I can now always use, thanks to Joel and his Reset-it sessions. I also admit, I didn’t expect as much as I came out with going in to this at first, because I have tried so many things before, but this was definitely really good. I encourage everyone to try it.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Having spent years with issues around my mental health I have accessed talking therapies of various types which while successful had left some unwanted thoughts and responses. Reset-it has provided a pathway to calming my responses to certain stimuli and thought trains. After a few hours my brain is a nicer place to be.