Reset-it is a personal growth program that was created by Marc Mathys, a TEDx speaker and expert in neuroscience and quantum physics.
Our primary mission is to reset individuals to help them break free from limiting beliefs, programs, and conditioning so that they can unlock their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals.
We are committed to providing a results-driven solution that is both affordable and accessible, as reflected in our flexible pricing structure that is designed to give back to the community and make positive change accessible to everyone.
Marc Mathys, a highly experienced speaker and personal growth expert, is dedicated to delivering exceptional value to his clients
He has an in-depth understanding of the latest research and theories in neuroscience and quantum physics and is passionate about sharing his knowledge to help others achieve their full potential.
At Reset-it, we firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live their best life. That's why we are committed to making personal growth accessible to as many people as possible, and we hope to empower individuals to break free from their limitations and unlock their full potential through our affordable and results-driven program.
Reset-it is a cutting-edge approach to personal growth
We are all Programed
The concept of ``human programming`` is often used in the context of personal development, self-help, and psychology, and refers to the idea that our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions are shaped by certain patterns or ``programs`` that have been learned or programmed into our mind over time.
These programs can be thought of as a set of instructions or rules that dictate how we think, feel, and behave in certain situations. They can be positive or negative and can include things like self-talk, beliefs, values, and patterns of behaviour.
Human programming can come from a variety of sources, such as family, culture, education, and personal experience. We learn these programs through interactions with our environment and other people, as well as through our own thoughts and beliefs.
The idea behind human programming is that by becoming aware of these programs and learning how to change them, we can create positive changes in our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions.
Reset your programming and unlock your potential
We are all conditioned
Human conditioning refers to the way in which our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions are shaped by our experiences and interactions with the environment. It is a process by which we learn to respond to certain stimuli in a particular way based on our past experiences.
The most common forms of human conditioning are classical and operant conditioning, both were described previously.
Classical conditioning occurs when a neutral stimulus becomes associated with a particular response through repeated pairing with a stimulus that naturally evokes that response. For example, a person may develop a fear of dogs after being bitten by one. In this case, the neutral stimulus (dogs) becomes associated with the naturally occurring response of fear.
Operant conditioning occurs when behaviour is influenced by the consequences (rewards or punishments) that follow it. For example, if a person is consistently rewarded for completing a task, they are more likely to repeat that behaviour in the future.
Human conditioning can also include the formation of habits, which are learned behaviours that become automatic over time. Habits can be both positive or negative and often formed through the repetition of certain actions.
Human conditioning plays an important role in shaping our personalities, behaviours, and beliefs. It can shape how we think about ourselves and our relationship with the world, as well as how we interact with others. Understanding how human conditioning works can also help us to change our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions when they are not serving us well.
Reset your past, change your future.
Being in the state of presence
The concept of ``presence`` in neuroscience refers to the sense of being fully engaged and absorbed in an experience, rather than being mentally elsewhere or disconnected. Presence is associated with a sense of immersion, connection, and flow, which is often described as a state of heightened focus and concentration.
From a neuroscience perspective, the state of presence is thought to be associated with increased activity in brain regions that are involved in attention and self-reflection, as well as decreased activity in regions that are associated with mind-wandering and self-referential thinking.
True presence with our neuroscience-backed course
Get ready to experience transformation for only $450 CAD or $340 USD.
Reset-it offers a unique and effective method for unlocking your programs and conditioning.

Unlock your limitless potential with Reset-it

Comments from our clients

  • James J. Ojo
    I had the life changing experience as well. I did the Reset It workshop with Marc Mathys, 3 sessions into the workshop I was able to break the Terror Barrier of Interference and past conditions to living a fulfilling present moment. I highly recommend his Reset It workshops.
    James J. Ojo
  • Tanya Legault
    Marc makes resetting fun, he changes the dynamic of past events and souvenirs in order to bring us freedom. Everything is conducted in a light, playful, liberating environment. Changes are immediately noticeable on top of being sustainable for the rest of your life! His methods are simply delivered and effortless applied. The impact is momental yet the journey is enjoyable and sometimes quirky. You’ll learn a great deal about yourself in a short period and restore your connection with yourself.  
    The benefits of “Resetting” are universally applicable regardless of age, geographic location, life experience, etc. Individuals as much as corporations and businesses can gain from a proper reset. 
    Tanya LegaultCEO | Top Tier Consulting
  • Leblanc Caroline  Health and Wellness Consultant for Usana
      My testimonial with the program to Marc Mathys To begin with, it took me 2 meetings before embarking on Marc's Reset-it program. When I started, I immediately saw the benefits of his sessions since I work things by myself and it is not Marc who decides what we work on.  It brings me immense well-being and now I am more in the present moment since I realize that there are things that do not belong to me but that I carry within me. The sessions made me realize certain thing since we go in depth we discover ourselves as a person it is wonderful and we learn that when we are present with ourselves we make our choices in relation to us. After each session we feel that well-being we remove from the layers that weigh on our shoulders and prevent us from moving forward.  
    Leblanc Caroline Health and Wellness Consultant for Usana
  • Marie-Chantal Perron
    This week, I say thank you to Marc Mathys. For your availability, for sharing your magic with me and for listening to me. He came into my life at a time when things weren't going very well. He chose me as a client, trusted me and supported me in what I was going through. I have long suffered from an anxiety disorder. Moreover, the ''present moment'', living it in all its meaning, I had never known what was. In my life, I have always lived in the past or the future. Since Marc came into my life, I have never had an anxiety attack again. I am able to live in my present moment and have let go of big judgments about myself. I now feel solid, free and in control of myself. I will forever be grateful. If you don't know him yet, I strongly suggest you contact him. You will see his greatness of soul, guaranteed.
    Marie-Chantal Perron
  • Sarah Eby
    The Reset It work taught me the fastest way to choose what serves me! I approached Reset It because I was struggling financially as an entrepreneur. Once I integrated this work, I kid you not, my ceramics business went from thousands of dollars in debt to savings in a few months! Of course, starting a business comes with its challenges, but once I began working with Marc, my challenges became fun! First, we looked at my relationship with money. At that time, I thought money was an exchange. That was my block! Marc guided me into my colour and asked me what I want to earn annually. There we made the switch from an exchange to making money. Now the clients I want to work with are approaching me! Thanks to the Reset It work, I understand how my programs can drive my life, and how to simply choose me. Now in just a second, I let go of what’s not mine. It’s that simple! For me, it’s about being in the present moment, noticing how my programs feel in my body and making the switch to choose me. If you’re looking for a simple way to get in the driver’s seat of your life, do yourself a favor and try the Reset It work. I can’t thank you enough Marc!
    Sarah Eby
  • Rachel GEFFEN
    Before the Reset-it, I did 15 years of therapy, and I'm delighted. But I still had residue. I could see that I was linked to things from my history, my past, my family, the history of my links with people, but since I worked with Marc these residues disappear. The first time I worked with Marc I felt what I was looking for in me, now I am me, after several steps. Obviously it's not magic, it goes and it comes back, but when it is wall in me and I arrive at what was hurting me before, and we work with Marc, it disappears, as if by magic .. And that leads me each time to be a little more myself and to make my own choices, to follow my own choice and therefore to be happy. So thank you Marc
    Rachel GEFFEN
  • Donna Sullivan

    Since working with Marc, I no longer question everything and every decision. There is no more judgement of myself or my kids, or my spouse. It’s made walking in my shoes easier. I’m not sure how to better explain it. When I am in my colour, things just… well they just are and I just am. Thanks Marc!

    Donna Sullivan
  • Patrice Lajeunesse
    Thank you Marc, by sharing and listening you opened my "eyes" to the "games" and programs that influenced my choices. Having my color and living it now carries a whole new meaning. Now I make my life choices
    Patrice Lajeunesse
  • Salim Mroue
    Kudos for Reset-it.
    A program that we all need to try even if we think everything is fine.
    I did not expect that in only 3 sessions I was able to start taking control over my life.
    Our brain and our body needs a Detox. A good Reset-it  is the perfect antidote.
    Salim Mroue
  • Martin DuTou
    The connection with Marc not only makes us feel good, but helps us find our own color
    Martin DuTou
  • Kim Dansereau
    Transforming our inner life is accessible to all of us. Quite often, we come across the path of outstanding people. Same as a magical moment that you at least expected, they help us light up our road so we can continue our journey and achieve our goal and dreams.
    Kim Dansereau
  • OS
    For me it was the most important experience of my life ... This day I started the meeting saying: "Marc, I want to free myself from the relationship I created with money! In short, other feelings that poison my life much more than the money that I did not miss elsewhere (but I did not see it).
  • Lyne.S
    We have all read or heard that we have to live in the present. So many books describe the beautiful theory but how to apply these methods, how to get there in our reality. When I first met Marc, I was in a total state of sadness and stress. From this first meeting I had already tasted ‘’ who I am ’’. No more no less. To savor what it is to be in the present moment.
  • M-F Goyette
    You accompanied me in a process of awareness with the senses ... and my life has been completely transformed since then. "My Life is My Choice". She has been guiding me for over 5 years now. Thank you for this gift that I appreciate every day
    M-F Goyette
  • Michèle Dansereau
    My experience with Mr. Mathys has been most rewarding. I am a healthcare professional. I am very busy and I can still make choices for myself more and more easily. I am also more effective in helping others because I manage to detach myself from their problems while being more attentive.
    Michèle Dansereau
  • Jean-Marc Nolet
    I had the chance to work with Marc and his Reset-it formula, and that simply changed my life! In just 3 meetings, he was able to target the sources of my anxiety and remove them with tools that I still use today.
    Jean-Marc Nolet

For more information, simply book your video call

I'm Marc Mathys, the creator of Reset-it and a renowned speaker in the field of personal growth and development.
18 years ago, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was informed by my doctor that I had stopped breathing 54 times per hour. As a result, I had never experienced a good night's sleep. However, after being given a machine to regulate my air intake, I was able to sleep for 8 hours for the first time.
This experience transformed my body and mind in ways I never expected.
I felt rejuvenated and full of energy, and when I looked in the mirror that morning, I didn't recognize myself. I realized that all of my self-talk and conditioning were gone, as if my brain had been washed out and put back in.
This experience sparked my curiosity, and I began studying the brain and how it works. This led me to the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics, and after 5 years of research, Reset-it was born.
Through my research, I have discovered a simple way to teach individuals how to reset their bodies and minds, allowing them to experience the same transformation I did. In 2016, I was invited to give a TEDx talk on my research and how we can change our lives in a fraction of a second.
Reset-it a personal growth program
Breaking free from past conditions and programs:
Helps individuals let go of what they don't want in their lives, so they can make room for what they do want.
Empowers individuals to take control of their thoughts, emotions, and actions, so they can create the life they want.
Improved mental and emotional well-being:
The program can help individuals overcome negative self-talk, and can lead to improved mental and emotional well-being.
Living in the present moment:
Teaches individuals how to live in the present moment, which can lead to greater focus, clarity, and contentment.
Personal growth and self-discovery:
Powerful and transformative experience that can lead to personal growth and self-discovery.
Universally applicable:
Universally applicable regardless of age, geographic location, life experience, etc.
The class can also be beneficial for corporations and businesses, by improving the mental and emotional well-being of employees and fostering a more positive and productive work environment
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